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In a class of their own…

We always regard our hens as being in a class of their own and now four of them have proved it by actually going to school. The foursome have been added to the register at Wilcombe Primary School, Tiverton – not far from the farm.

They have become the centre of a new school project which will not only introduce the children to the idea of animal care and producing their own food but will also offer new ways into other subjects. The hens are expected to play a part in classes as different as maths and art.

We are delighted to have been part of a scheme that has become something of a community venture involving money raising and chicken pen building.

Family Liason Teacher Jo Pedrick said: “All the people involved in the project have been amazing. We are looking forward to the eggs especially for baking in cakes for the school pop-up café.”

And at Exe Valley Eggs we are confident of a GCSE… a General Certainty of Super Eggs.

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