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Author Archives: John Widdowson

New label, unchanging standards

A new name and logo has appeared on our packaging and the website. RSPCA Assured is the new ethical food label launched by the RSPCA to replace its Freedom Food mark which has always appeaPrintred on our packs.

But only the name has changed. The same rigorous animal welfare standards apply to our farm and our hens that have been in place since we first joined the scheme in the nineties.

The standards cover every aspect of a hen’s life from how much space they have outdoors to how much laying room they have in their nest boxes. We are regularly inspected to ensure that all the standards are in place. The scheme officials also carry out random checks on the supply chain from the shop shelf back to the farm.

So why make the change? From the RSPCA’s point of view their scheme which has been assuring consumers of farm welfare standards for the past 20 years has never made a big enough impact. While nine out of ten of us recognise what RSPCA stands for only about a quarter of the population understood what “Freedom Food” represented. By switching the name to RSPCA Assured it hopes to convince many more shoppers to buy products carrying the label. That way, it argues, it can pull many more farms into the scheme and ensure that millions more animals have better lives and be treated with compassion and respect.



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